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How many missiles were launched and how much money we collected to help the Ukrainian Armed Forces together with you

Cars / Trucks
Optics / Thermal imagers
Quadcopters / UAVs
Starlink kit
Generators 220V


If there are additional questions - inscriptionsofwar@gmail.com or Telegram . Or you will find the answer in the frequently asked questions

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept donations via PayPal, MonoBank, Bitcoin, Ethereum
How to make sure your donations get targeted for the needs of the Ukrainian army?
We are a military unit, all reports of work and purchases are transparent and you will be able to take care of it in ours Galleries
How can I make sure my inscription is genuine and wasn't erased or photoshopped?
You can view the archive of completed orders in our gallery or order a video shot of your signed projectile from an artillery installation.
How long does it take to get a photo shell with my signature?
It usually takes up to a week, but it can be affected by objective factors, such as - availability of fighters. If your signature needs to be done by a certain date, please let us know by sending an email to the post office - inscriptionsofwar@gmail.com or to Telegram
If I order a video of a projectile shot from signature, will I be able to see my signature on it?
Yes, you will receive a photo of your signed projectile as well as a video of the loading and shot You will see your signature on the projectile as it loads.
Can I request a refund?
Even though it's a donation, you can still get a refund if your the signature has not been transferred to the unit or the particular weapon you selected is no longer available available
Do you accept donations for the benefit National Bank of Ukraine?
We are grateful for your support of Ukraine through donations to other foundations and NGOs organizations, but we cannot accept them as proof of payment because each the donation received goes directly to the units we work with in the form of equipment, materials and other critical items. We are working hard to to close the gaps left by public procurement and supply chains.